3 Dimensional Signage, Projects & Laser Engraving

PIP/Dynamark - Vinyl Wrapped counter for bar, sign added after for 3 dimensional look.

The Power Of Print Wall, painted pegboard blue to match color scheme of PIP, added peg hooks and painted 1x4x6's for shelving to display all of our print material, stickers, brochures, postcards, etc.

PIP/Dynamark - I painted this wall & pegboard to match Dynamark's branding. This room once only had our plating machine for our press, but now houses a Trotec Laser machine. I wanted to showcase our engraved and laser etched items, and thought that pegboard would be the perfect place! I also researched LED lighting and installed the strips under each shelf, I really wish the cord was longer or black so it would be better disguised.

Office Pride - Routed acrylic sign with stand offs and cut lettering below

Office Pride - Routed acrylic sign with stand offs and cut lettering below

Laser engraved geometric shaped cut wine box

Laser Etched Wine Tumblers

Harley Davidson Night Light

Laser engraved and routed Harley Davidson LED night light

Corruyak! Personal project - a kayak made out of a recycled corrugated plastic sheet, hand scored and folded to shape, grommets were added to reinforce holes so yak can be collapsed down and folded to a 4'x2' so it can fit in the tiny trunk of my car! I got multiple uses out of it last year (2021) and made a few modifications to make this a better vessel, such as Zip ties were later replaced with more of the industrial reusable twist ties (like the yellow ones on front). Also I reinforced the interior with waterproof tape.