As part of our 50th celebration at PIP/Dynamark, I wanted to spruce up our fire extinguisher displays so they'd stand out more. After seeing some fun inspiration, I came up with some of my own designs as a nod to appreciate our local fire department (Pike Fire).

The first image of this series that says shows a before and after - The magnet on the door was to commemorate their heroic efforts to help put out a huge fire earlier this year (March 15, 2022) at a Walmart distribution center in Plainfield, IN. They were one of 30 fire departments that risked their lives to stop the fire, that particular image was an action shot of their department in action that day.

The Scuba Diver - is a nod to Pike Fire Department again, as they used to have a search and rescue team.

The Rocketship and Space theme - is a nod to Space X, Blue Origin and Nasa, as they all did several historic missions last year (2021) exploring space, Mars, reusable rocket missions, etc. While PIP/Dyamark is not going on any missions to the moon, we do continue to explore new missions in our print/large format industry.