Experiential/Interior Design

Burnside Inn - Vintage Photo heavily photoshopped Warhol Style

Burnside Inn - Photo was then reverse printed on acrylic and installed with standoffs

Alzheimer's Association Gallery Wrapped Canvas Mockkup

Alzheimer's Association - install of large gallery wrapped canvas collage

Alzheimer's Association - Acrylic with stand-offs mockup of values

Alzheimer's Association - Acrylic with stand-offs

Lift Academy Aviation - Acrylic with stand-offs and a long vinyl graphic installed on opposite wall

Lift Academy Aviation - Long vinyl graphic installed on opposite wall

This next series of photos are part of a huge office/warehouse transformation that took me about 2 months to complete before our big 50th Anniversary Event on April 21, 2022. this includes, thought, design, painting, printing and installation! The only items I did not install were the small conference room and 3D lettering.   The 11 minute video on the homepage shows the before and after - below are some stills of the behind the scenes transformation. 

Dynamark Entryway Before...

Dynamark Entryway, I'm in the middle of repainting this to match branding


Pantone 186 = 100MPH

Dynamark Entryway After!

Rounding the bend...

Promo display area

Mail Room Before...

Mail Room mock up - design stage

printed - these were all hand cut. 

Mail Room installed and complete!

Ladies room before....

Ladies room before....

Ladies room mockup 

I wanted to create an interactive space, playing off the reflection of the mirror, to make it seem like you were in a swarm of butterflies.  I hand cut all 50 of these butterflies and installed them on the stalls and wall. The 50 represent the number of years for PIP's 50th Anniversary.
**Please forgive my disheveled appearance, it was 6 am and I was running on very little sleep and coffee, LOL!

Ladies room installed

Ladies room installed


Men's room wall climber graphics

Men's room wall climber graphics

Men's room wall climber graphics

Men's room wall climber graphics

One of the cool vintage photos of a PIP store owned by the owner's family in the 70's - I knew I had to recreate this as a throwback!

New vinyl graphic placed here so it can be seen from the PIP store counter and from the "Elevate Your Brand" area. 

Laser/Press Plate room before... 

Laser/Press Plate room After...

I repainted this entire room, the light gray matches the production area in the next room, and the red and black were painted to match the Dynamark Branding. I repainted and installed shelving and LED Lighting on the the peg board because I wanted a really nice display area for all of our etched and engraved pieces, as well as incorporate some cool items related to the printing press. 

Another vintage photo I knew I had to incorporate somewhere!!! This blue spot has been here for a long time and we could have very well buffed it out for the event, but I chose to keep it, because I wanted to make it seem like it was the White River - Back in the 70's Indianapolis had an amazing river raft race that was just as big as the Indy 500. Tons of ppl would make their own rafts and race each other down the river! Winner's received a plaque and probably a nice cash prize!. 


The oars by the router were a safety feature I created to help keep viewers away from the sensors on the machine, I thought it would be more fun than caution tape. The QR codes link to a video I made merging 2 videos of the Races (music is from a live band actually playing) and the other code links to Dynamark's 3D routed sign portfolio.

Timeline of PIP stores throughout the 50 years owned by the Fulner Family. 

Small Conference room before...

Small Conference room after!

PIP 50th Poster Designs - Client had a magician themed event, April 2022, and hired 2 magicians to roam around and do magic tricks with attendees, I researched and designed 2 posters for each magician with a nod to their craft. I of course had to incorporate the great Houdini!

Entry Poster Teaser

Sideshow poster for laser room

Sandwich board directional sign

TPCS Lift Aviation School

TPCS In progress Photos <--- Click link to see progress photos 

Wharton Center: MSU

This was a project that was created for Michigan State University inside the Wharton Center in 2008. The Wharton was getting a new facelift and needed some art painted on the temporary wall  that hid the construction of the facade.  I was contracted to paint the entire wall using a design created by a Graphic Design class at MSU. It took me all of December  that year ('08) to complete.  Note* This was one of the very first murals I painted!

The Wharton Center <--- Click link to see progress photos